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There have been reports of this gentleman being around Fallston Rec Complex approaching girls. There is a warrant out for his arrest. If you see him, please contact the Police.



Berger, Micheal M • Bergen, Micheal M • Berger, Michael M • Bergen, Michael M • Bergen, Mike

 Address Information

  • Primary Residence: 33 Defense Dr, Aberdeen MD 21001
  •  Date of Last Change of Address: 03/21/2013

 Conviction Information





The Criminal Procedure Article, § 11-717, Annotated Code of Maryland states that, "The Department shall post on the plain language that can be understood without special knowledge of the criminal laws of the State, a factual description of the crime of the offender that is the basis for registration, excluding details that would identify the victim."

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College Lacrosse Coaches Sound Off on Multi-Sport Participation

Very interesting article

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