2017-2018 Youth Center
Registration is Open!!

 There will be no in person registration, please register online. 

To access Fallston Recreation Council's On-Line registration system, visit


To register online

Here are the steps:

1)      Click Apply to Coach/Volunteer

2)      Choose which adult you would like to register to chaperon and select “register now”

3)      Select Youth Center 2016/17 – Chaperones and Committee Members and choose the role appropriate for you (chaperone or committee member)

If you are not a registered committe member, please do not attempt to register through this path, you will be asked to register as a chaperone and it may hold up your childs registration.

a.      If Chaperoning please select the date you would like to chaperone (please make sure it co-insides with your childs grade)

4)      Answer the questions associated and write down the password provided as it is necessary to register your child for Youth Center

5)      Agree to the consent form

6)      If registering your child(s) click add another registration to your shopping cart

7)      Select your child and register them for youth center using the password provided

8)      Click checkout.  This will prompt you to complete a background check (If you have completed a background check within the Fallston system within the past year you will not be prompted to do so).

9)      Once the background check is complete (or the step has been skipped) you can proceed to checkout and finish registration

Background checks are not necessary if you have completed one in 2016 for another FRC program or you completed a back ground check after September of 2015. After September 2015, you will only be required to complete one every two years.  The system will alert you if you need a new back ground check this season or not.

There is no restrictions on drop off time for events, however you may only pick up your child early prior to 9:45p, you will need to come in and sign them out.  After 9:45 pm you will be asked to wait for general dismissal at 10pm.
Please be aware of what your child is wearing. If they arrive in inappropriate clothing that does not meet Youth Center dress code, they will be asked to contact a parent for different clothing or the child will need to be picked up.  This includes but is not limited to string camisole tops, any part of undergarments showing including straps, short shorts that allow too much to be seen.  In some instances it seems there are other layers worn into Youth Center and shed once they arrive, please check with your children before they leave regarding what they have on or they will be asked to change or leave. 
Youth Center Board

Youth Center is a Harford County Parks and Recreation program within the Fallston Recreation Council designed for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in the Fallston school district. It is a social gathering where we provide a safe, controlled, drug and alcohol free place for these students to gather and dance to music provided by a DJ or play different sporting games like basketball and foosball.  Youth Center events occur (13) times a year from October to April on Friday nights from 7PM to 10PM.  We typically host 600 kids for our events.
Event Dates coming soon!
October 2017
Friday 10/6/2017
Friday 10/27/2017

November 2017
Friday 11/17/2017
December 2017
Friday 12/1/2017
 January 2018
 Friday 1/12/2018
   Friday 1/26/2018
February 2018 
Friday 2/9/2018
  Friday 2/23/2018
March 2018
Friday 3/9/2018
Friday 3/23/2018
April 2018
Final General Session April 6, 2018

Friday April 14,2018
5th grade tour 6-7:15pm accompanied by parent
8th grad farewell 7:30pm-10pm

Please contact Michelle Baker if you are able to help by email at mbakercdm@aol.com.  We need new Committee members each year . 
Michelle Baker - mbakercdm@aol.com 
                                  mbakercdm@aol.com for staff
                       Cynthia Neubert  - cynthneub@aol.com for Chaperones
                       Karen Solomon- klspes93@gmail.com  sign in committee
                        Michelle McCullough- Fallston5@comcast.net- concessions
                                Heather Gormsen- heatherhermelink@hotmail.com- concessions