Welcome to Fallston Rec Field Hockey

Our mission is a simple one.

We are here to…

ó teach our daughters how to play the game of field hockey while encouraging the development of each athlete’s potential.

ó encourage our daughters to work as a team and teach our daughters to respect the game by respecting their team members, coaches and referees.

ó remind our daughters to be gracious in win and in loss.

ó allow our daughters to discover a passion for the game and a love for their time on the field.

Interested in volunteering?  We need coaches, field painters, sponsors and more!  Contact Beth Bender for more information!


Below are those who are dedicating their time to the 2020 fall season. 

        Beth Bender, League Commissioner  emm4989@hotmail.com
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Games, Practice Times and Locations
Practices begin the week of August 17th  You will be contacted by your coach prior to that date as to when and where practices will be held.  There are typically 2 practices per week for players in grades 3-8 with Sunday games. Practice times are assigned in early August. Game schedules are not available until early September (this is usually a few days before the first game-we are all very patient with this process).  The season ends in early November.  Clinic will practice on Tuesday nights at the Fallston turf field- time to be determined by coaches.  Typically, there are no games at the clinic level. We may enter into play dates with other Harford County programs this year.

Tournament Participation
Harford Hockey Tournament- TBD Saturday, October XX, Maryland Polo Club (included in reg. fee- no additional fee).  More information will be provided at a later date.

Parent Code of Ethics
Each parent is responsible for his/her words and actions on the field.  We encourage a sense of fair play and teamwork by emphasizing the positive aspects of the game.  We expect all parents to respect the game by refraining from making public any negative comments regarding referees, coaches (either home or visiting) or players.  We recognize that there are times when concerns must be aired; however, we ask that this not take place on the field and/or in front of our athletes. Parents are NOT to be seated behind the coaching bench and must be seated on the opposite side of the field from the players.

Requests/Player Draft
Each player will be placed on a team based on grade level and experience.  We will do our best to meet all parent requests, but realize that teams must have a balance of experience and ages.

Contact Information:  Beth Bender at emm4989@hotmail.com